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Preferred Technology Solutions

Preferred Technology Solutions is an industry respected, highly certified, financially stable Technology Firm that uses our great experience, resources, training and knowledge to solve the technology challenges that our customers face. As a 21-year-old firm with deep roots in our community, we work as your outsourced IT partner, handling all of your IT needs, or as an integral member of your existing technology team, enhancing your skills and knowledge.

I am a Business Technology Consultant here and I work in partnership with my clients to help them integrate information systems into their business. Help them meet their business objectives and overcome technical issues, and enable them to improve profit margins and receive higher returns on their technology investments.

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Alisha McFarland

Alisha McFarland is a WordPress Website Designer & Developer who specializes in efficient and mobile-responsive website design. She also offers Do It Yourself (DIY) website support if your intention is to manage the site once it is up and running.

I have worked with Alisha for several years, and have referred many of my clients to her as well as used her on my own sites. She is the quickest, most dedicated and talented designer I have ever had the pleasure to work with. She follows up on every aspect of the project and always has valuable input on each job. Her work is tight and clean, with excellent documentation. She always an easy recommendation for anyone needing website development.

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Server Surgeon

Server Surgeon has been providing true 24/7/365 server management services to hundreds of satisfied customers for ten years now. Server management is the sole focus of their business. Their service is recommended for all dedicated and co-located server owners. Their highly experienced team of system administrators will monitor and maintain your servers in order to provide maximum uptime and reliability.

I have used Server Surgeons to manage my Linux servers for 10 years; since John Meacham first founded the company. Their quick response and knowledge base has helped me tremendously over the years. I can not recommend them enough.

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